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Neeraj Tripathy, MD has a profound understanding of women's health needs and concerns. In addition to tending to pregnancy and other conditions unique to women, Neeraj Tripathy also addresses cases of high cholesterol in his Ridley Park, PA and Philadelphia, PA office, both during pregnancy and in non-pregnant women

High Cholesterol Q & A

How do I detect high cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a silent condition, generating no noticeable symptoms until it is too late. Patients must be tested in order to determine cholesterol levels.

How do physicians determine if I have high cholesterol?

Dr. Tripathy will order a blood test that analyzes cholesterol levels. The test will evaluate the patient's lipid levels, including high-density lipoproteins, low-density lipoproteins, and triglycerides. Dr. Tripathy will evaluate the results to determine the relationship between the patient's good cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels.

What happens if my cholesterol is high?

If the patient's cholesterol level is too high, Dr. Tripathy will prescribe a cholesterol-lowering medication like a statin, a bile acid binding resin, a calcium channel blocker, a fibrate, or a combination drug. Certain vitamins like niacin have the potential to decrease cholesterol. In patients who do not have incredibly high levels or even those who do, the physician will recommend an exercise regimen to help the patient lose weight and reduce cholesterol. He will also recommend a diet that is low in cholesterol but high in other nutrients.

Is high cholesterol deadly?

Yes, high cholesterol has the potential to be deadly since the excess lipid builds up and causes the heart to stop working. It increases the person's risk of heart attack and stroke. Those who have other problems like diabetes, hypertension or who smoke increase their risk even more.

Is high cholesterol a concern for pregnant women?

Cholesterol levels in pregnant women will naturally rise to accommodate the baby. Cholesterol is required for the development of the baby's brain and limbs. It is also needed to produce two hormones vital for pregnancy, estrogen, and progesterone. Women who had high cholesterol prior to pregnancy may experience even higher, unhealthy cholesterol levels that need to be addressed.

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