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Neeraj Tripathy, MD

Internist located in Ridley Park, PA

Neeraj Tripathy, MD specializes in Internal medicine. He is also a specialist in preventative medicine and as such offers immunizations to his Ridley Park, PA , Springfield, PA, and Philadelphia, PA community.

Immunizations Q & A

Which immunizations do adults need?

The specific immunizations you need as an adult are determined by factors such as your age, lifestyle, health conditions, travel, and previous immunizations. The most common immunization for adults is a seasonal flu shot, however, adults often need boosters for childhood vaccines such as mumps. Another common immunization is a tetanus shot. If you plan on traveling to certain countries, then there is a whole list of travel immunizations that Dr. Tripathy can provide. View current immunization recommendations.

What about mercury?

Mercury is found in some vaccines. It is in those vaccines from a multiple dose vial. The mercury in question is called ethylmercury and it is not the highly toxic mercury that we read about on food labels. That is methylmercury. If you are concerned about mercury from your immunizations, then talk to Dr. Tripathy. He may be able to order a single dose immunization that is free of ethylmercury. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that aside from a small reaction at the injection site, that there is no medical evidence that ethylmercury poses a danger to humans.

What immunizations do my children need?

The list of child immunizations varies by age. For children to 15-months the recommendations for Hepatitis B1, Rotavirus (RV), RV1, RV5, Diphtheria DTaP, Flu type b4, Pneumococcal PCV13, Polio, MMR, VAR, Hep A, and sometimes a Meningococcal vaccine.

For children over 15 months, they continue their Hep B series, their Diphtheria DTaP series, their Polio series, an annual flu shot, the continued MMR and VAR series, and the last of their HepA series. Around age 11 they begin the Meningococcal series, a booster for Tetanus and Diphtheria, and they begin the HPV series.

If you need more information about immunizations for adults or children, please schedule a visit with Dr. Tripathy. He is happy to sit down with you and go over the immunization needs of each patient.


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