Preventative Medicine Specialist

Neeraj Tripathy, MD

Internist located in Ridley Park, PA

Neeraj Tripathy, MD serves the Ridley Park, PA, Springfield, PA, and Philadelphia, community in Pennsylvania. At his practice Neeraj Tripathy, MD, the doctor focuses on internal medicine. Specializing in preventative medicine, he helps his patients find ways to prevent future health problems and keeping current health problems from becoming major concerns.

Preventative Medicine Q & A

Preventative medicine helps identify potential health problems before they can become major concerns. By evaluating a patient's medical history, reviewing their medical records and performing various tests to determine their current level of health, a physician can create a plan that will help the person reduce their risk for many different conditions and illnesses.

How does preventative medicine work?

Preventative medicine works by identifying potential risk factors that are present in a patient's medical history. Evaluating a person's level of risk can help a physician find ways to reduce the patient's risk of potential problems in the future. For example, a patient who has an extensive family history of stroke and heart disease may begin to exhibit certain symptoms of those disorders. Their physician can develop a proactive treatment plan to help reduce their risk of a heart attack or a cerebral event.

How does preventative medicine work if an illness is already present?

Preventative medicine works by helping to address the cause of the condition and controlling the remaining symptoms so they do not take away from a person's quality of life. Even though the illness is already present, using the concepts of preventative medicine helps to control an illness's severity and keep it from worsening. Catching an illness in its earliest stages may actually allow for a faster, more complete healing. If the condition is progressive, preventative medicine can slow it down so the person can maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible.

What benefits are associated with preventative medicine?

Preventative medicine offers many benefits. Most importantly, treating an illness in its earliest stages will prevent long-lasting damage. In conditions where the symptoms will continue to become more severe over time, early diagnosis and treatment gives the patient more quality time before the disease diminishes their quality of life.


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